Utility Scale Projects Taking Off As We Predicted

Massive Solar installation in Africa

 Large-scale renewable projects are becoming more popular. We predicted this would be a consequence of the on-going Fukushima nuclear disaster. Thermal solar has caught our attention especially developers such as Solar Millennium and Abengoa, but CPV is also looking increasingly attractive especially developers and equipment companies such as  SunPower, First Solar,  Soitec.

Here are two more examples that point to this trend:

 WindPower Group Ltd, the largest non-state-owned wind farm developer in China, is seeking partners to build solar thermal power projects throughout China. Solar thermal energy is still at an early stage of development in China, but the company is working to obtain exclusive rights to develop projects in provinces, eyeing local and foreign companies as potential partners, China WindPower Executive Director Samantha Ko said according to Reuters.

The company has signed agreements with local governments to build a combined capacity of 650MW of solar projects using either solar thermal or photovoltaic module technologies. Ko said the company’s plans for solar thermal projects were at an early stage, declining to give details on investment. But analysts forecast investment at up to $2.6B.

The DOE has offered $90.6 Million conditional commitment loan guarantee to Cogentrix of Alamosa for a 30MW HCPV project. This is one of the first utility-scale, high concentration PV energy generation facilities in the U.S. and the largest of its kind globally. The project will source over 80% of its components from the U.S. The Alamosa Solar Generating Project will sell all of its electricity output to Public Service Company of Colorado. The facility will produce approximately 75,000 MW hours of energy per year.

All in all our predictive strategies have been yielding surprisingly accurate results.

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