Kyocera’s Impressive Achievement

Kyocera’s completed mega-solar plant in Kagoshima Japan


Recently Kyocera released evidence that its solar modules show only 8.3% degradation after 20 years. The Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA) tested a sample from Kyocera’s 945W roof installation in a small village of Lyon (France) under laboratory conditions. The results demonstrate that the modules were still performing at 91.7% of their original maximum power output.

This news has come at a critical moment for Japan’s solar industry. The announcement of a generous FIT for solar in July (2x more than Germany’s and 3x more than China’s tariffs), including the first-ever subsidy for utility-scale projects was followed on September 15th by a surprising declaration that Japan will completely phase out  nuclear energy by 2040.  Kyocera is expected by many analysts to be the biggest beneficiary of the additional growth of equipment demand. News that underscores the high quality, long-term reliability of Kyocera’s solar modules speaks most in a market like Japan which is ‘protected’ by brand loyalty.





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