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Ceres is a non-profit organisation founded by investors to encourage companies to undertake sustainable practices and environmental leadership.  Naturally, the clean energy sector has been a an area of focus for them, culminating in a recent Investor Summit on Climate Risk  held in New York this month and introducing a new report entitled “Investing in the Clean Trillion: Closing the Clean Energy Gap”.  This is available to download free from their website.  In addition the presentations from the Investor Summit are available to view on their website, and we here at Accessible Clean Energy heartily urge you to listen to these if you have the chance – they’re fascinating and lucidly set out a path forward towards climate change mitigation.

The primary problem is identified as a lack of committed financing, and they’ve proposed 10 solutions to this issue, all of which we heartily endorse.  Two in particular jumped out at us:

1) That institutional investors should increase by a factor of 5 the percentage of their portfolios invested in clean energy, from 1% on average to 5%; and

2) That banks should make it easier for investors to invest in clean energy, by offering a diversity of vehicles allowing retail investors to access this sector.

Reports like this are incredibly encouraging – as the drumbeat of climate change, energy security and sustainability grows, investment will continue to increase in the coming years.

For a glimpse at how Ceres works with investors, companies, shareholders and the SEC to include climate change risk in the bottom line  have a look at their video below.

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