Wind Turbine Lofts

web_morphocode-wind-loft-conceptThe Bulgarian design studio Morphocode has come up with a  concept that proposes the installation of a residential unit within  the nacelle of  offshore wind turbines.  As wind turbines need to be continually serviced to perform at their best the loft would combine an unusual  but comfortable living and working shelter for the group of technicians who take care of the necessary technical inspections and diagnostics.


Analysts consider offshore wind to be one of the most important future energy sources: turbine technology is going to continue to progress for decades.
Europe’s offshore wind potential, for example, is enormous and able to meet the continent’s demand seven times over, as estimated by the European Environment Agency’s (EEA). Wind energy’s contribution to Europe’s electricity supply will increase dramatically in the next couple of decades: in the order of 30-40 times by 2020 and 100 times by 2030.
The average size of offshore wind farm is increasing each year and the trend towards larger projects is expected to continue in the future as companies are able to operate in deeper waters and in harsher sea conditions.web_morphocode-offshore-wind-trends

Morphocode thinks it makes a lot of sense to make comfortable living quarters within these giant machines.  They’ve presumably thought to insulate it from the noise of the gears.



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