Outdoor Lighting Market Experiencing a Solar and LED Renaissance

Added as an afterthought, these solar lights in Richmond cut installation costs in half for the developer.

Added as an afterthought, these solar lights in Richmond Va. cut installation costs in half for the developer.

According to Navigant research a worldwide push for LED outdoor lighting occurred in 2012, due in large part to various national and international political initiatives.  2 million LED luminaires were installed in tunnels and roadways during that year.  Energy consumption will continue to be a pressing issue as electricity cost and demand rise but the demand for more efficient and longer lasting LED lighting will continue to grow at an aggressive pace.

  • Street light installations contributed 54% of the total revenue for the LED outdoor lighting market in 2012.  These installations are forecast to increase worldwide in the coming years.
  • Nearly all segments of the market show double digit growth in the coming year, with parking garage lighting anticipated to have the largest growth rate.
  • China has created stricter equipment and installation requirements for subsidy programs like the 21 City program, which will increase LED outdoor lighting implementation.

Rapid urbanization and heavy investment in infrastructures including roadways and shopping centers in countries like Taiwan, India, and Mexico has created large, emerging markets for the energy efficient LED technologies.

But the deployment of SSL technology has allowed  off-grid energy alternatives  in outdoor lighting.  In an article in Forbes Magazine, Heather Clancy writes a wonderfully illuminating analysis about the deployment of solar SSL steetlights.

Developers are now able to add off-grid streetlights while avoiding the cost of trenching, wire installation, and electrical infrastructure connections that are commonplace in roadway lighting projects.

“The $11 billion-plus commercial outdoor lighting market is experiencing a solar and LED renaissance,” said Dibs Tailor, president and CEO of Sol Lighting, in a statement. As of November 2013, Sol had installed more than 60,000 systems in 60 different countries, representing more than 10 megawatts of solar capacity. (That’s about 840,000 square feet of solar panels and enough lights to illuminate a nine square-mile parking lot.)

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