Can Hydrogen Cars Compete with Pure Electric Cars?

According to Joe Romm of Think ProgressScreen Shot 2015-02-02 at 21.36.56 Tesla would trump Toyota’s hydrogen cars.  In the 1990’s Joe Romm was a huge supporter of hydrogen and the fuel cell vehicle program at the Energy Departments Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the 1990s.  Here he describes why he changed his mind:

“Toyota Bets Against Tesla With New Hydrogen Car,” blares the headline at That is a bad bet. It may even prove to be a major blunder for Toyota, which actually severed its RAV4 partnership with electric vehicle (EV) company Tesla back in May (though they kept their investment in Tesla).
I say that even though I own a Prius. In fact, I say it in part because I own a Prius. Fuel cell cars running on hydrogen simply won’t be greener than the Prius running on gasoline (!) — or even as practical as a mass-market vehicle — for a long, long time, if ever. So why buy one?
Right now, not only is electricity ubiquitous (i.e. relatively near where most cars are parked), but green electricity is nearly ubiquitous — and it is far cheaper to run one’s car on it than gasoline. Hydrogen, however, is not where cars are. “Green” hydrogen is nearly nonexistent. And it would be more expensive to run one’s car on green hydrogen than gasoline.
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