Tesla’s Super Chargers Powered Over 86,000,000 Miles

landing_page_05Tesla now has 2,000 superchargers spread across 400 different stations. The chargers are solar-powered, free to use, and, as unveiled in 2012, part of a new electric network. There are now four times as many superchargers as there were at this time last year, and Tesla is still planning to add even more.

What makes a supercharger so great? A supercharger can also charge a Model S 16 times faster than a regular charging station. Instead of having to wait all day to charge up your car, you charge your Tesla in the time it takes to drink your morning coffee. The amount of current they can put into a battery pack in a shorter amount of time is impressive. They can put almost 100 KW into a vehicle and Tesla boss man Elon Musk says that number should improve to 120 KW soon. This means that almost 150 miles of range could be added to the current range, which is pretty amazing.

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