A Novel Business Model From Dutch EV Chargers

3i9yws5brx8lFastned is raising funds to expand its fast-charging station network by offering investors free EV charging for life. The Amsterdam-based company has just launched the Fastned Founders Club, giving membership to any founding investor purchasing a minimum of 2,500 shares in the company, priced at EUR 10 each.


Fastned already has 34 stations throughout the Netherlands and — building at a rate of one per week — expect to have 200 in the next two years. The roadside stations are modeled on regular gas stations, with multiple chargers, rather than single posts. Charging takes approximately 15 minutes and is managed via a smartphone app which automatically bills users for their session, enabling EV drivers to recharge en route and continue with their journey with very little inconvenience. The EU has also committed to funding 155 more stations across Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Holland — with Fastned set to build 94 of these — which would expand the EV charging infrastructure dramatically.

All the power comes from wind and sun.

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