Is Tesla the Beginning of the End for Oil?

What does it mean when an oil industry magazine puts the Tesla Model S   on the cover of the magazine?  Here’s the article:

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Why battery technology could drive the electric vehicle to new heights – and disrupt the fossil fuel industry in the process.

The Tesla Model-S is one of the most beautiful and interesting automobiles to ever get made. It might also be one of the most dangerous. That’s because it’s managed to do something that no other electric vehicle has ever achieved: become an object of desire. Previous generations of electric cars, from the Nissan Leaf to GM’s famous (and infamous) EV-1, have tended to be high on cost and low on drivability. But the Model-S managed to bridge that divide, and as the reviewers at Car and Driver said in their review of the car, “it dispels conventional thinking about EVs – it’s a glimpse of the future.”

You can read the rest at Alberta Oil Magazine

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