Renewables are now unstoppable – FT

We note with relish the latest Big Read from the Financial Times, entitled The Big Green Bang: How Renewables Became Unstoppable. It’s a pleasure to read, in a paper that routinely covers energy to include just fossil fuels and until now has farmed out coverage of renewables to the environment correspondent, that renewables have progressed so far and so fast in terms of cost that there is now no going back. A fantastic read.

Global renewable power generation capacity rose by 9 per cent last year — a fourfold increase from the start of this century — buoyed by the growth of newer sources such as solar power that shot up by more than 30 per cent. For the second year in a row, renewable energy accounted for more than half the new power generation capacity added worldwide. Sales of plug-in electric vehicles last year were 42 per cent higher than in 2015, growing eight times faster than the overall market. The storage capacity of big lithium ion battery systems more than doubled last year.

These advances have become too significant for the oil and gas industry to ignore. In the first three months of this year, the heads of some of the world’s largest oil companies have spoken of a “global transformation” (Saudi Aramco) that is “unstoppable” (Royal Dutch Shell) and “reshaping the energy industry” (Statoil). Isabelle Kocher, chief executive of French power and gas group Engie, calls it a new “industrial revolution” that will “bring about a profound change in the way we behave”.

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