Martina Turner

Since 1987, Martina Turner,  founder of Accessible Clean Energy, has been  an analyst and  Director of French/European equity research sales for  international investment banks such as Jefferies International, Deutsche Bank, BankersTrust Alex Brown, Natwest Securities.

She has a Master of Science from the Faculty
of Economics, London School of Economics.

She has specialized in energy and more particularly in renewable energy.  She has a diploma in solar energy from MIT.

In addition she is a graduate of the microcredit training program of Grameen Bank in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Martina founded Accessible Clean Energy in Paris in order to be able to be reasonably  close to the centers of technological innovation in renewables such as Germany, Spain, UK, China and the US.  She has made her team aware of the importance of  visiting any and all companies  that she feels are spearheading technological innovation and who are maximizing returns on their  implementation of those technologies.

She has committed her team to three objectives:

  • Identifying  those technologies that will be accessible to the largest population in the future and to invest in the relevant companies.
  • Keeping Accessible Clean Energy’s  investors abreast of the enormous  and extraordinary technological innovations that are being ushered in by this New Industrial Revolution
  • Making investors aware of the  financial potential that this revolution promises investors.

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